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Exquisite Sensations Collection

28 Jun 2023

Our "Exquisite Sensations" collection has been crafted with an aim to provide a sensory journey, from warm summer nights to cool and crisp winter mornings, these fragrances captivate the most magical moments of life.

1.0 Lacoste L.12.12. Noir for Men

Nightfall Whisper

Embrace the "Nightfall Whisper" with Lacoste L.12.12. Noir for Men. A woody aromatic fragrance that captures the essence of a warm summer evening. The scent brings together refreshing watermelon, aromatic basil, and deep chocolate notes, encapsulating the invigorating freshness and relaxing depth of dusk.

2.0 Ariana Grande Cloud EDP For Women

Skyward Dream

Ascend to a "Skyward Dream" with Ariana Grande Cloud EDP For Women. This sweet and dreamy scent blends notes of whipped cream, praline, and exotic coconut, creating a luxurious, airy aroma that lifts your spirits like a walk in the clouds.

3.0 Viktor & Rolf Bonbon EDP

Candied Delight

Relish in the "Candied Delight" of Viktor & Rolf Bonbon EDP. A tantalizing fragrance that marries the juiciness of peach and orange with the creamy caramel, jasmine, and cedarwood. This scent is a deliciously tempting treat for the senses.

4.0 Hugo Boss Iced For Men 150 ml

Frozen Zest

Experience the "Frozen Zest" with Hugo Boss Iced For Men. This fragrance provides a wave of icy freshness through invigorating notes of mint, tea, and vetiver. It's like stepping into a brisk winter morning, full of vitality and crisp energy.

5.0 Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP For Women

Dark Allure

Discover the "Dark Allure" of Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP For Women. An intoxicating fragrance that combines rich dark accords with an alluring potion of black orchids and spice. The scent is both timeless and modern, like a little black dress, captivating and mysterious.

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