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Fragrant Fables: Storylines in Scents

12 May 2023

Join us on a journey through fragrant fables, where scents unfurl like storylines, evoking emotions, memories, and experiences.

1.0 Emporio Armani Because It's You EDP

Raspberry Rendezvous, Vanilla Voyage

Because It's You EDP by Emporio Armani is a raspberry rendezvous of raspberry, neroli, and vanilla. This scent is a vanilla voyage, a sweet, feminine aroma that is irresistibly captivating, as alluring as the person wearing it.

2.0 Byredo Gypsy Water EDP (Unisex)

Woody Wanderlust, Lemon Lore

Gypsy Water EDP by Byredo is a woody wanderlust of bergamot, lemon, and sandalwood. This scent is a lemon lore, a fragrant reminiscence of campfires, fresh soil, and forest explorations, perfect for the adventurous spirit.

3.0 Kenzo Coeur Azuki EDP

Oriental Odyssey, Sensual Sojourn

Coeur Azuki EDP by Kenzo is an oriental odyssey of azuki, iris, and musk. This scent is a sensual sojourn, an exploration into the heart of the East, where tradition meets modernity in a harmonious blend.

4.0 Byredo Velvet Haze EDP (Unisex)

Coconut Cloud, Patchouli Pinnacle

Velvet Haze EDP by Byredo is a coconut cloud of coconut water, patchouli, and cacao. This scent is a patchouli pinnacle, an olfactory experience that captures the hypnotic allure of a dense, lush forest shrouded in morning mist.

5.0 Carolina Herrera 212 Men NYC EDT

Green Garden, Woody Wonder

212 Men NYC EDT by Carolina Herrera is a green garden of spices, petitgrain, and woods. This scent is a woody wonder, a fresh and invigorating aroma that pays homage to the dynamic energy of New York City.

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