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Narciso Rodriguez For Her Review - Aimed For Seduction with Pure Elegance

19 Feb 2023

Narciso Rodriguez for her is the latest from one of our favorite designers; he's known for his romantic and feminine scents like Narciso Rodriguez for Him and Narciso Rodriguez for Women.

This perfume aims to attract all those admirers who have fallen under the spell of his creations before. As a result, it is extremely popular among young girls and sophisticated older ladies alike.



In addition, it was named after the man himself—the legendary fashion designer who founded the House of Narciso Rodriguez in 1994. Nowadays, his name is recognized worldwide as synonymous with beauty.

With his perfumes, he successfully created a unique image of the modern woman. He is famous for creating elegant fragrances that exude femininity.


What Does Narciso Rodriguez For Her Smell Like

When you open the bottle of Narciso Rodriguez for her, you immediately notice that the top notes African Orange flower, Osmanthus and Bergamot; middle notes are Musk and Amber; base notes are Vetiver, Vanille and Patchouli. On the skin, the fragrance gives off a warm spicy scent that is both sweet and musky at the same time.

There is also a subtle hint of sweetness coming from the florals. When she wears this fragrance, it reminds me of walking into a garden filled with roses. This is definitely a floral scent with some light spice mixed in—it's like walking in the park on a beautiful spring day.





On the body, Narciso Rodriguez for her has moderate projection, lasting approximately 5-6 hours. She might need to reapply during a long date or party since the scent will fade throughout the evening.

However, if she wants to keep wearing this scent later than 6pm, it could be a bit problematic. Also, we don't recommend applying this fragrance on your face; however, many people apply it on their neck or pulse points because they love how soft and sensual this scent feels on them.

If you like to spritz your hair with this fragrance (which is totally fine) just know that the scent won't last very long. Overall, this is a fragrance that works well during the daytime or nighttime depending on what mood you're in.




When To Wear Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Narciso Rodriguez for her is a great option for anyone who likes to smell nice but doesn't have a strong preference between fruity or floral scents. We find that most people tend to fall into one camp or another—they either prefer more flowery scents or ones with stronger notes of fruitiness; but not both.

So, this fragrance is perfect if you like to change things up every now and then. That being said, if you like to wear more traditional fragrances, like something with a little heavier dose of florals, then this may not be the best fit for you.

If you are someone who appreciates the softer side of flowers but still enjoys a touch of citrus or fruitiness in their perfume, then this would be an ideal pick. In general, this is a scent that can easily transition from morning to evening depending on your outfit.

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