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Top 10 Best Perfumes For Women 2023

16 Sep 2021

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that bring us the most delightful. 

In this case… it’s the delight of spritzing perfume in the morning, running about your day, and then while undressing at night catching an exquisite wave of the fragrance.

When it happens to us a small, pleasant smile — like a good secret — crosses our face.

A moment that we at PabangoPH truly take joy in, in order to share it with you, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the science of how to make a perfume last longer and have done some digging to find the Top 10 best perfumes for women. 


The following is a list that we hope ignites that “good secret” smile for you — while examining it you may notice that the PabangoPH line has been inspired by these iconic scents and their long-lasting ability. 

Always striving to bring you fairly priced perfumes that go from morning to night, we use the same juices as these designer perfumes and dare you to tell the difference.

1.0  Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Intense

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Intense - 10 Best perfume for women - Pabangoph

First thing you smell is fresh, zesty lemon that is not too sharp. It can easily be mistaken for the refreshing scent of bergamot as the addition of Granny Smith apple notes round off the lemon, making it softer and more pleasant.

It reminds me of the first burst of ocean air on a coastal holiday. It instantly puts you in a good mood; you can almost feel the warmth of summer sun on your skin.

Wear with your favorite jeans and a boxy lightweight white tee. The simplicity of the fragrance allows for a fuss-free approach.

2.0  Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle - 10 Best perfume for women - Pabangoph

The ultimate in sophistication, this modern Chanel perfume boasts a base note of musky, oriental Patchouli. A fragrance that is known to stick around all-day, it “is citrusy and sharp, yet subtle, and it gradually transforms into this mesmerizing floral scent with just a tiny hint of musk and vanilla.”

We noticed that after the floral aromas peak that musk and vanilla are what perfiate from the skin hours later. Warm, enchanting, simply feminine — Coco Mademoiselle is a must have in any collection.

3.0  Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium - 10 Best perfume for women - Pabangoph

The ideal choice for a woman who goes from the office to out on the town, Black Opium is a perfume with deep, sultry notes. “Renowned for super sexy and addictive scents. The ingredients in this perfume are white floral, vanilla and some mixed base notes of coffee which spreads sweet, soft and sensual fragrances all over your body.

A fantastic long-lasting perfume for women. Actually for all women. Almost every woman likes this scent for its sweet aroma. Gentle scent with aroma flavor loving women definitely should use this perfume once in a life. And this perfume really lasts long.”

4.0  Chanel No. 5

Chanel No. 5 - 10 Best perfume for women - Pabangoph

An all time, forever favorite for many women — this perfume is a reminder of your picturesque grandmother and mother. “It is originally known as Chanel N°5 Chanel and it is one of the best-selling perfumes not just in the United States, but in the whole world. It was created by Ernest Beaux and is worn by many celebrities which makes the perfume very famous since it was released.

The fragrance is a combination of aldehydes, ylang-ylang, rose, neroli, bergamot, lemon, lily of the valley, jasmine, iris, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, sandalwood, amber and musk.” An icon in perfumery now simply because of how many people have worn it throughout the years.

5.0  Le Labo Santal 33

Le Labo Santal 33 - 10 Best perfume for women - Pabangoph

An iconic unisex fragrance that marries sensual iris and violet with smokey wood and and spicy notes. Le Labo's Santal 33 encapsulates this great American myth – a source of fantasy for the rest of the world.

Touching on the sensual universality of this icon, that intoxicates men as much as it does woman, an elegant mingling of cardamom, iris, violet and ambrox crackle in the formula to create the aroma of smoking wood. Spicy, leathery, musky notes appear to give this fragrance its unisex signature and addictive comfort.

6.0  Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey - 10 Best perfume for women - Pabangoph

A fragrance that takes you to Covent Garden and its characteristic aromas. Timeless and elegant, Jo Malone London boasts signature fragrances imbued with a taste that is refined yet a touch audacious for a quintessentially British heart, including the Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne.

Imagining the early morning scents of London's Covent Garden, succulent nectarine, peach and cassis meet delicate spring flowers, melting into notes of acacia honey for a sweet and playful finish.

7.0  Givenchy Ptisenbon Tartine et Chocolat

Givenchy Ptisenbon Tartine et Chocolat - 10 Best perfume for women - Pabangoph

The fragrance is carefully curated to embody the charm of youth. Fresh, pure and delicate, the Pistenbon eau de toilette from Tartine et Chocolat is the perfect introduction to fragrance for little ones.

This gentle mist perfumes young skin with the comforting sweet scent of nature, mingling with notes of jasmine, honeysuckle and white cedar.

8.0  Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Lancome La Vie Est Belle EDP - 10 Best perfume for women - Pabangoph

Ever walked in an organ groove, a place where freshness meets fruity and the musk of the earth? Interestingly enough, Lancôme was able to capture just this in its La Vie Est Belle perfume. “Do you enjoy unique scents?

Then, Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle is a very bright, young, and floral perfume that’s perfect for you. It smells sweet with its iris, jasmine, orange blossom, and patchouli notes paired with hints of blackcurrant and pear.

This one lasts all day long and is excellent for both daywear and evening wear. It is ideal for younger women, and a tiny spritz of it goes a long way to make you smell like a sweet-smelling garden in full bloom.”

9.0  Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste

Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste - 10 Best perfume for women - Pabangoph

Bvlgari does it again! This fragrance is light, sexy, and classy all in one. Layer with lotion for a longer, heavenly scent. Amethyst delivers a delightful smell, the smell of an early tropical morning, clean and bright.

Neutral, soft and romantic, it's great for day, night, work, or heading out for the night.  Don't be surprised when you wear this perfume and you find yourself looking around from side to side in search of blooming lilacs or a sweet fragrant tree...just realize it's you!

10.0  Chloe Eau de Parfum

Chloe Eau de Parfum - 10 Best perfume for women - Pabangoph

CHLOÈ Eau de Parfum captures the creative, confident individuality of the CHLOÈ woman. A fresh and feminine fragrance suited to a free spirit with an utterly innate sense of chic.

The scent takes the classic rose and ingeniously translates it into a vibrant perfume, intimate and sensual. CHLOÈ Eau de Parfum begins with a combination of floral powdery notes, hints of peony and lychee and springtime freesia.

The airy, flirtatious head notes drift away to reveal the richer and more sensual side of the rose. The distinctive character of this unique rose is accompanied by magnolia and lily of the valley, as well as subtle intimations of warm amber and elegant cedarwood.


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