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Five Scents, One Experience

03 Sep 2023

Discover the emotional landscapes painted by these unique fragrances, each telling its own story.

1.0 DKNY BE Delicious Green

Big Apple Charm: Fresh & Invigorating

Inspired by the bustling city of New York, this fragrance encapsulates the freshness of green apple. DKNY BE Delicious Green is like taking a bite out of the Big Apple itself—a lively, invigorating experience.

2.0 Gucci Envy Me for Women

Confidence in a Spritz: Fearlessly Feminine

Bold and captivating, Gucci Envy Me is designed for the woman who seizes attention effortlessly. Notes of peony, jasmine, and pink pepper combine to create a scent that exudes confidence and femininity.

3.0 Kenzo Soleil The EDP

Solar Flair: Radiance in a Bottle

This fragrance by Kenzo is akin to a warm embrace by the sun. With heady notes of jasmine and ylang-ylang, Kenzo Soleil encapsulates the brilliance and warmth of a perfect sunny day.

4.0 Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue For Men

Mediterranean Breeze: Masculine and Refreshing

Capturing the essence of a sea breeze and the clear skies of the Mediterranean, Light Blue For Men is as refreshing as a dip in a crystal-clear ocean. It’s the perfect scent for a relaxed, outdoor adventure.

5.0 Penhaligon's Luna EDT

Elegance at Twilight: Moonlit Serenade

Named after the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna by Penhaligon's is a sophisticated, night-blooming scent. With heart notes of rose and juniper, it’s as mysterious and elegant as its namesake.

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